Thank You…

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Sometimes in life we get sidetracked. At times we focus too far into the future or we are still creeping back and glancing at our past. Either way we are missing something great.
Today for a moment, I was hit upside the head with a thankful stick. I was speaking with my sister and I realized just how amazing God really is. I mean I can think back on life this time last year and where I was, to where I am right now and the change is remarkable. I mean God has really begun to do a number on my life. And I don’t know about you but I pray constantly asking God to allow the true spirit of Christ to overcome my being and for Him to be seen constantly and not me. I don’t want people to know me first and then say oh by the way she is also a Christian. NO!!! I want people to see the God I serve in all that I do. I’d rather them to say, she has a dynamic relationship with God, I can see it flow through her. I used to be so  hard on myself and crave perfection. I know that I am human and I mess up but you know what, that’s okay. I don’t use that as my excuse or my coping mechanism when I have messed up. I use it as my plea to ask God to help me to change or get rid of that downfall in my character. I mean we all know that God is in the business of building character in us all. I mean why else would we go through troubles, pain, hardships, or experience love, joy and happiness? If not for God to be building something and making something out of it all.
And people when I tell you the overjoyed feeling I feel when someone tells me that they can feel the spirit that lives within me, they can sense God all over my life. That is amazing! I smile and think to myself how amazing is God that He can show himself through Lil ole me. I mean I am just your ordinary 22 year old female, living in an ordinary city, I get nothing too special from that. However, God knows way better than I do and that’s why He has chosen to use me. But, in all honesty I never really knew how to take that or what to think of it. I know one thing though, as soon as someone speaks those words about you the enemy hears it and will attempt to attack you. But you know I am not focused on any attacks on my life and neither should you! That is because we have the best defense system on our side. With God as the head of the team how could you ever imagine falling short? The people in our lives may come and go, but our God is here now and forever. He has blessed me so richly and right now I know that the best is yet to come but I’m basking in the beauty that is already here. Right now, this moment, this second I am amazed, thankful, overjoyed and so happy with all that God has given me. The good, the bad and the ugly I am thankful for because they have helped build character in my life and shape my life. God is not done with me, and I know He is certainly not done with you.
So tonight take some time, I mean really take some time and bask in the beauty that is your life right now. Know that God has so much more in store for you and at this moment you can stop and smell the roses and just say thank you to God.

Life is beautiful, God is GREAT, you are awesome!
I love you all, but God loves you so much more,



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