What is LivFearlessly?

What is Livfearlessly-3


Hello to all of my beautiful and handsome readers! This will be a short and direct post about this here blog. LivFearlessly has been in existence since December 23rd, 2012 (almost 3 years old *tear*). It started as just a passion to write and a desire to spread God’s word, then transformed into something amazing. So take a look below and learn a little more about the blog.

The purpose: LivFearlessly is a blog designed to encourage and motivate believers in their journey through life. As the tag line states, the desire is to spread love and give hope to all those that I come in contact with. I even have supporters who are currently unbelievers. However, through various social media outlets (instagram, twitter, Facebook, etc.) I am encouraging everyone to live the abundant life that God purposed for each of us. This does not mean that everyday will be sunshines and roses, but it does mean that we can make it through realizing where our help comes from.

The passion: One of my greatest loves in life is to write. I have enjoyed writing since I was younger and it is one of those things that never left me. As my love for God grew, so did my desire to inspire others to live for God. Writing is a talent that I have and an area that I am able to display the gifts that God has been gracious enough to place in me.

The plan: My desire is to effectively communicate and encourage others to seek God and live a life not bound by the worlds standards. Through blogging, social media posting and one on one discipleship, I hope to encourage others to not only believe in all that God is but trust in all that God wants for each of us.

This is only the beginning of what LivFearlessly is and I cannot and will not limit God to the ideas above. But as of right now, that is where God has me and it is where I will gladly rest and do the work placed before me. I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me.

Love you all, but God loves you so much more.

Jessica Lóren