Wrapped in your love…


photo-1429277158984-614d155e0017When I hear your name I get butterflies in my stomach
A smile creeps across my face as I think of you
My heart smiles when I feel your presence
Thinking about your love for me and the love I have for you consumes my heart and soul
That love intertwines with my spirit and I don’t ever want to be freed
Thinking on how I have hurt you, hurts me
I can never take those pains away from you
You had to endure because of my ignorance
And even in the midst of my selfish and ignorant ways you still loved me.
Even when I felt unlovable, unworthy, undeserving, you still shined your love upon me.
As I laid before you broken, beaten, and wounded you wrapped your loving arms around me.
You have taken my scars and began to heal them
You have taken my broken pieces and have been working on a masterpiece.
I could never say thank you enough or show enough love to express to you just how grateful I am.
So I give you my heart, my soul, my spirit, my life.
I will honor you continuously with my actions, words, and all that I am.
Placing you before everything and anyone.
My heart would not beat if it wasn’t for you.
My eyes would be see clearly if it wasn’t for you.
I would not be complete if I didn’t have you.
True, pure, everlasting love..you show me that daily.
I humbly submit to your will Adonai
Jessie J. xoxo

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